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About me

Miranda Priestling once said Everyone wants to be us and to be fair I totally do.

Secretive, glamorous, and cutthroat.  Three words to describe the elusive world of fashion.  So how do you get started in fashion with no connections and stand out from the 700 other applicants and finally land that dream role?


January 2021 I changed my entire life.  Leaving a 4 month hospitalization, I packed my bags, transferred from Arizona State University to New York University, and started endlessly applying to internships.  I found myself down a rabbit hole of overcrowded applications with no guidance and feeling like I was behind.  Now 6 months in and a whole lot of learning later I have landed 2 fashion internships with YSL and Phillip Lim and doors are opening left and right.  


On my blog I want to teach you everything I have learned and help you make your way into the industry!  Of course I am still learning too so I will have interviews with everyone who is shaping the future of fashion!

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