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How to Dress Like the Cool Girls of Copenhagen Fashion Week

Leave it up to the fashion editors and influencers of Copenhagen to show you everything you need to be wearing this fall and let me show you how to do it on a budget!

Colorful Leather Coats

It seems like just about everyone at Copenhagen was sporting their favorite bright hued jacket and I absolutely love it. Layering an outfit always elevates a look but when that layer is a colorful leather jacket you are sure to have all eyes on you. I love this look paired with a simple black outfits because I think it is so easy to recreate and lets the leather be the star of the show



Orange Makes a Comeback

I will admit it, I have been an orange hater but it may have just worked its way into my heart. If you are looking to fully embrace the trend I love the full on orange set in a more muted tone. For a more dialed down version, Orange is great to pair with the other two "it" colors of the moment kelly green and lilac.


Suit and Bra top

I have never *NEVER* felt more powerful than when I am wearing a suit with a bra. Maybe it is the fact that it feels like it's redefining what workwear can be or maybe it just makes a suit bearable in the summer heat but I am obsessed. It is perfect for your hot girl walk to the office or school and I will have this on repeat in the fall.


Statement Knitwear

Nothing new here, statement knits have been having their moment but it is time to choose some new options that aren't the overdone house of sunny cardigan. I have been in love with the chunky sweaters from Hope Macaulay and absolutely love the look of a sheer knit dress for a transitional fall look. I actually can't wait to see the return of cute sweaters to the city.

Verge Girl


Patterned suits

Yes, more suits. I can't help myself I am living for the power suit and kinda want to see everyone in them this fall. In fact if I could sew I would be making my own fun patterned one as we speak but for now they will live in my head until I finally find the one to join my closet.


Clashing Patterns

Clashing patterns is something I want to master this season because it balances on the line of being the most fashionable person on the street or a hot mess. So I am definitely taking some notes here and loving the simple gingham mixed with plaid and a skirt that combines them masterfully for me!

Farm Rio

Purple Everything

Last on my list is the return of purple! I think it is such an easy color to mix into your wardrobe because it looks great with neutrals but also with fun pops of color like pink, orange, and yellow. Its versatility makes it a closet staple that won't die out once this seasons micro trends come and go and I will certainly be looking for a piece to add to my closet!


Now go update that fall wardrobe because we will not be dressing basic this season! Also stay tuned for the NYFW edition coming soon!



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