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Everything I Would Buy this Week if I Wasn't a Minimum Wage College Student

Oh New York City, how your fashionable streets taunt me to want to throw out my entire wardrobe and simply start over. Living in one of the fashion capitals, everyday I walk past Sex and the City and Gossip Girl being filmed, hundreds of designer stores, and some of the most fashionable people gracing the streets of New York. Catching glimpses of all of their extravagant wardrobes and the glamorously staged lives it is easy to get that itch to shop until you drop. However, the rational part of my brain knows as a college student working a minimum wage job that is highly unrealistic. So to satiate that desire I fill my pinterest board and instagram saves with all of the best in fashion from that week and now post them here to hope someone else enjoys the fashion that is living rent free in my head.


Crystal-embellished cutout wool-blend blazer


Lately I have been loving a good blazer moment so understandably this cutout blazer from Christopher Esber had to make the list. Its giving me gossip girl vibes with its edgy take on classic suiting. This suit is an easy closet classic that is undeniably cool with its cutout sides embellished with crystals it highlights the body in such a unique way. Honestly might DIY this piece to cope with the fact that I don't have 2k to drop on a blazer.

Jeffrey Campbell

Green Metallic Dagget Boot


Now if this boot wasn't sold out everywhere I probably would have already treated myself to the perfection that is this metallic green cowboy boot. I will always have a soft spot for green clothing in general so mix that with the perfect boot and you have a winning combination for a clothing item that I will obsess over for weeks on end. Paired with a cute sun dress or dressed up with a sleek LBD I would argue these cowboy boots could be perfect for any occasion.

Scarlet and Sam

Bolero in Crayon

155 AUD

When it comes to knitwear I think Scarlet and Sam probably has some of the coolest pieces. Dramatic color blocking and airy transitional pieces have made their knits a hit with influencers and models around the world. In general I am still loving the bolero trend and think it is one of the best transitional pieces so when I saw this one sporting some cute primary colors I couldn't get enough. I also love that this piece is from a smaller brand so I feel like I wont see it on every other girl on the street. Their website is currently sold out and awaiting pre-orders so who knows maybe the next batch I will have to splurge and rationalize the purchase by saying its cheaper in US dollars.


Winter 21

Now this one is probably partial bias because I work at Saint Laurent but this color clashing duo has grown on me over the last month. The sparkly blue top with the green tweed skirt is all the drama I want in an outfit. In my mind I can envision walking down 5th ave in some dark sunglasses truly unbothered. This outfit will forever be out of my price range but I have enjoyed admiring it and seeing it be worn by all of the biggest celebrities. That being said my thrift hunt for a green tweed skirt to crop into a mini skirt has now begun.


Black Mesh Corset SS 1992


Vivienne Westwood will remain one of the queens of corsets and I can't help but obsess over this vintage moment. The intricate embroidery and flattering cut paired with a cute pair of black trousers I can't think of anything more stunning.

Danielle Guizio

Rib Knit Tie Pants


Over the last couple of months I have become a sucker for some high quality knits so how could I not include these incredible pants from Danielle Guizio. I love that their cutouts hit on the subversive basics trend while still being a timeless piece that you could return to every year.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Fall '21

This white set from Phillip Lim is one of the hottest press items this fall. From Vogue, WWD, to celebrity fittings this set never stays in the sample closet longer than a day so naturally it has found a special place in my heart. Whether it's going to the Hamptons for some time out of the city or sitting front row at fashion week this set is sure to turn heads. Not to mention I could totally see it being used in the new Gossip Girl.



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Ryan Chaffee
Ryan Chaffee
Aug 09, 2021

The Saint Laurent Winter 21 🔥🔥🔥

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