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Engum Sivamaga Ethilum Sivamaga Song Free Download

Engum Sivamaga Ethilum Sivamaga Song Free Download

Engum Sivamaga Ethilum Sivamaga is a popular Tamil devotional song dedicated to Lord Shiva, the supreme deity of Hinduism. The song praises the omnipresence and omnipotence of Shiva, who is the source of everything and the destroyer of evil. The song also expresses the devotion and surrender of the singer to Shiva, who is the ultimate refuge and protector.

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The song was composed and sung by Veeramani Kannan, a renowned Tamil singer and musician who has rendered many devotional songs for various Hindu gods and goddesses. The song was released in 2022 by Idhayam Musicals, a music label that specializes in Tamil devotional music. The song has a duration of 10 minutes and 21 seconds and has a soothing melody and rhythm that creates a spiritual atmosphere.

The song is available for free download on various online platforms such as JioSaavn, YouTube, and others. You can also listen to the song online or watch the video with Tamil lyrics on YouTube. The song is a perfect choice for listening during auspicious occasions such as Shivaratri, Pradosham, Karthigai Deepam, and other festivals related to Lord Shiva.

If you are looking for more songs on Lord Shiva, you can also check out other albums by Veeramani Kannan such as Siva Sthuthi, Siva Thandavam, Siva Kavacham, and others. You can also explore other singers such as SP Balasubrahmanyam, Unnikrishnan, Bombay Saradha, and others who have sung beautiful songs on Lord Shiva. You can find these songs on JioSaavn, YouTube, and other platforms.

Lord Shiva is known as the lord of dance, music, art, and wisdom. He is also the lord of compassion, mercy, and grace. He is the one who bestows blessings and boons to his devotees who worship him with faith and devotion. He is the one who removes the ignorance and bondage of his devotees and leads them to liberation. He is the one who is engum sivamaga ethilum sivamaga (Shiva everywhere and in everything).

We hope you enjoy listening to this song and feel the presence of Lord Shiva in your life. May he shower his grace and blessings upon you and your family. Om Namah Shivaya!

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