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Horns Movie In Hindi 2016

Horns Movie in Hindi 2016

Horns is a 2013 Canadian-American comedy horror film directed by Alexandre Aja, based on Joe Hill's novel of the same name. Daniel Radcliffe stars as a man falsely accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend (Juno Temple), who uses his newly discovered paranormal abilities to uncover the real killer. The film was released in Hindi dubbed version in India in 2016 by Reliance Entertainment.

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Plot Summary

Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) is a young man who lives in a small town with his childhood sweetheart Merrin Williams (Juno Temple). One night, Merrin is brutally killed and Ig becomes the prime suspect. The whole town turns against him and he is shunned by everyone, including his parents and his best friend Lee (Max Minghella), who is also his lawyer. The only person who believes him is his brother Terry (Joe Anderson), a drug-addicted musician.

One morning, Ig wakes up with a pair of horns growing on his head. He soon discovers that the horns have a strange power: they make people confess their deepest secrets and sins to him, and also compel them to act on their impulses. Ig uses this power to find out more about Merrin's murder and the people involved. He learns that Merrin broke up with him the night she died because she had terminal cancer and did not want him to suffer with her. He also learns that Lee has been secretly in love with Merrin since they were kids and that he was the one who killed her in a fit of jealousy.

Ig confronts Lee at the abandoned treehouse where Merrin's body was found. Lee reveals that he also has horns, which he got after killing Merrin with a pitchfork. He says that he framed Ig for the murder and that he plans to kill him too. A fight ensues between them, during which Ig sets fire to the treehouse. Lee stabs Ig with the pitchfork, but Ig manages to impale Lee with one of his horns. As Lee dies, he asks Ig to forgive him. Ig then succumbs to his wounds and dies as well.

In the afterlife, Ig reunites with Merrin, who tells him that she loves him and that he is innocent. They kiss and ascend to heaven together, leaving behind their horns.

Cast and Crew



Hindi Dubbing Voice

Ig Perrish

Daniel Radcliffe

Sanket Mhatre

Merrin Williams

Juno Temple

Shruti Agarwal

Lee Tourneau

Max Minghella

Rajesh Kava

Terry Perrish

Joe Anderson

Sachin Gole


Alexandre Aja



Keith Bunin (screenplay), Joe Hill (novel)


Reviews and Ratings

Horns received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film has a 41% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 140 reviews, with an average rating of 5.1/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "Horns has its moments, but it's sadly too tonally inconsistent and frequently too dull to make effective use of its premise or its star." On Metacritic, the film has a score of 46 out of 100, based on 31 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews" . The film also has a 6.5/10 rating on IMDb, based on 76,731 user ratings .

Some of the positive reviews praised the film's originality, dark humor, and Radcliffe's performance. For example, Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the film 4 out of 5 stars and wrote, "Horns is a bizarre, surreal and sometimes hilarious horror-fantasy, adapted by Keith Bunin from the novel by Joe Hill" . Scott Foundas of Variety called the film "a wickedly fun horror-thriller that makes inventive use of Joe Hill's source novel" and said that Radcliffe "delivers his most charismatic performance to date" .

Some of the negative reviews criticized the film's uneven tone, lack of coherence, and wasted potential. For example, Mark Kermode of The Observer gave the film 2 out of 5 stars and wrote, "Horns is a mess a tonally jarring mishmash of horror, comedy, romance and fantasy that never settles on a consistent mood or direction" . Robbie Collin of The Telegraph gave the film 1 out of 5 stars and said that it was "a film so bad it might make you lose your faith in cinema or at least in Daniel Radcliffe's taste in scripts" .


Horns is a movie that tries to be many things at once, but fails to achieve any of them. It is a comedy horror film that is neither funny nor scary, a fantasy mystery that is neither imaginative nor intriguing, and a romance drama that is neither touching nor convincing. It is a movie that wastes a good premise, a talented cast, and a visionary director on a poorly written and poorly executed story. It is a movie that might appeal to some fans of the genre or the novel, but will disappoint most viewers who expect more from their cinema experience.


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